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Potty Training

How will you know if your child is ready? He will show interest in various ways. Many kids show interest around 2 and 3 years old. It’s mostly around that age that your child learns to control his bladder and stool and can be able to sense when he needs to go pee or poo. The process of supporting your child to use the potty requires patience and positivity. No worries. In time, your child will be able to go alone to the toilet.

First thing first, what are the steps to follow for the Potty Training?

1) Don’t force your child.

Timing is primordial. He must be physiologically ready to begin learning the Potty Training. If the Potty Training starts too early, it might slow down his learning. Wait until he shows signs that he is ready and follow his rhythm. For example, if he goes by his own free will to the potty, starts to undress himself without your assistance, remains dry for several hours or tells you when his diaper his dirty. It depends a lot on the child.

2) Familiarise him with the pot.

Place his pot near the toilet and explain to him what its for. Simply ask him to sit on it, undressed or not, to show him the purpose of it. Show him how you go to the bathroom and encourage him to do the same thing when he needs to. It’s a good idea to make him want to imitate you.

3) Install a routine.

Get your child used to sit on the potty at regular hours. For instance, when he wakes up, after eating or before going to bed. Don’t let him get up a few moments before he sits down. The point here is to suggest to him to stay longer and focus a few minutes to empty himself if needs be. If nothing happens, show no sign disappointment, but if he does pee or poo during this routine, praise him.

4) Starts changing the panties of your child.

If your child is starting to use the potty regularly, it’s a good idea to take him away the diapers for the day. It will be a motivational factor for him to stay dry if he begins to wear fabric pants or training pants. Don’t forget to start easy, and to put easy clothes to remove so that he can go with more ease to the potty.

Note that, if he happens to have a series of accidents shortly after wearing panties, you can always switch back to diaper again without guilt or punishment. If small accidents happen don’t make it a big deal and keep encouraging your child to keep going. Remind him that accidents happen and its ok.

5) Potty Chart

A useful tip to include in your potty training is to include a potty chart. What is a potty chart? It’s a calendar that keeps track of your baby potty training progress and successes. Coming with all sizes and colour, it’s a fun activity for your child that will encourages him to go to the potty every day. The use stickers and markers will surely interest your child and will make him progress into potty training.

6) Remove the diaper at night.

Between the 3rd and the 5th year, your child might starts to be able to stay clean all day or have a dry diaper for several naps. Its a sign to go the next phase.

Apply the same change during the night. Remove the diaper and encourage him to call you if he wants to go the potty.

It will be a good idea to have an accessible potty in your child's room in case of emergency. Also please don't forget before going to bed, to have him go to the potty and to not make him drink too much.

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